Jim Dandy Computer Repair
8 AM  -   8 PM - 7 days a week
(775) 285-6840

If you call us we can give you a good time to drop your computer off.  Then we will evaluate it, let you know what we think the problem is, and call you with an estimate of what the cost of repair will be for a fee of $20.00.   You only need you to disconnect and bring the computer itself.   No need to bring the mouse, keyboard, or any extra stuff, unless they are part of the problem, for example your mouse is not working - bring the mouse too   
 ** If it is a Laptop computer please bring the POWER SUPPLY with the computer **

In a hurry? Email me your information and you can drop it off and go!  I will need name, phone number, a brief description of what is going wrong with the computer ( wont boot, crashed, too slow, etc.), and any needed passwords (especially for windows).

We will always call you within 48 hours with an update on our progress.






If you want us to come to your house to look at it the fee is $65.00 (additional charge may apply for longer travel times) and $35.00 per hour of service.

If you are looking for a big fancy operation we are not it.  If you are looking for results, and a real person to answer the phone, you found it.







                                                                                 email is teresawhelan60@yahoo.com