Debe McDowell - Lacey, WA
Don't be distracted by the environment. These people are awesome and very helpful. They have great prices (in fact I paid them more because the charged too little). Quick, complete and awesome!!! Been back for more service! Give them a try!

Gail Ramsey - Lacey, WA

After a frustrating experience with a local big store repair service ( spent over $200 and didn't get the problem fixed)  I brought my laptop to Jim Dandy, and he repaired it quickly and very inexpensively.  I intend to recommend this business to everyone I know, family, and friends alike.  Teresa, who handled the business portion, was courteous, friendly, and extremely accomodating.  A business you can trust!

Barney Lambert - Shelton, WA 

"I have known Mike for over twenty years.  If he can't fix it, it can't be fixed.  He is one of the most honest and nicest people I know”

Mike Bentley - Lacey, WA  


“Jim Dandy has been doing all my computer stuff since I bought my first computer many years ago.  They are the best”



William Looney – Tacoma, WA


“I have an office with all the electronic headaches that go with it.  Before I found Jim Dandy I had to call in someone every few months as the computers bogged down.  He did something right because we have had no problem with any of them for a very long time.  I have also had him install a new phone system, repair a fax machine, and set up two TV’s.  I highly recommend his work”


 Evelyn Bare:

·                       Honest, dependable, and reasonable

If you need help with your computer or systems, come here first. These folks are the best and they are not only very dependable, they are honest about your options, so they can save you a lot of money. In an industry that is full of less then stellar service, Jim Dandy is an absolute breath of fresh air. They treat their customers with respect and never forget that they work for you, they are there to help with any problem large or small, and the service and assistance is simply the best. Don't waste your time or your money going anywhere else, because there is just no one else out there who will give you the professional, personal assistance you will get here. These folks know the value of repeat business, so they do it right the first time and as a customer I highly value their service (so much so that I almost hate to share them).


 Wayne & Lindsey Keaton - Tacoma, WA

They built a couple computers and a network server.  He did a great job at a fair price. He knows his stuff. 


Thank you to all of our customers!  We take pride in our work and truly enjoy your appreciation.